God is our benefactor. That means he watches out for us and cares for us. What a blessing!

When you look at the church of Jesus Christ, whether in history or in our own day, the very fact of its existence is a strong evidence of both God’s existence and the truth of Jesus’ words. He promised, “I will build My church; and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it” (Matt. 16:18).

Throughout its history, the church has been battered by storms of persecution without and scandalous weaknesses within. There have been times and places where evil tyrants tried to eliminate Christians and God’s Word from the face of the earth, but the tyrants died and the church and the Word lives on. There have always been false teachers within the church, spreading destructive untruths that lead many astray. There have also been Christian leaders who have fallen into horrible sins, bringing shame to the name of Christ. The modern church in America is rife with false teaching and moral scandals. And yet God has a remnant that is faithful to Him in spite of all of the problems.

It is horrible to hear of a large mega church crumbling by the sin of it’s pastor, but these things happen. The pastor is only human and he fails if he isn’t asking God to be his benefactor.

We all have sin and must work on that to obtain Holiness. Through out this series I want you to think about our blessings. God is our benefactor and loves us.


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