Yearning for Yahweh

In my research I found this poem – Yahweh

I yearn for your omnipresence

Every decision i make

You’re there to guide me every step of the way

Everyday i wake up and before i go to sleep

I pray in your name

The one that gave me life

Gives me the strength to fight every plight

Loves me unconditionally

The maker of the moon and stars from afar

Gave me the gift to see

The gift to speak

No gift on this world could compare

To the bond that you and I share

Words alone can’t even explain how i feel about you

So I’m just going to stop right there

As we have gone through the alphabet we have seen many blessings that we have in God.  I Yearn for God in my life and in my everyday events.  I heard others use his name in vain and I feel pain but also relief that it wasn’t me.  I do find others treat me differently because of my beliefs.   The poem really speaks volumes to my heart today – so as the poem ends – I’ll stop right there.



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