Father I ask that you be with us tonight.  As your word says in Ephesians 4:32

Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.

Lord as I share your message tonight – please let me know what your word means – reveal to me your love and forgiveness.  Help me to ensure the message I share is your truth.  Let me show forgiveness to my fellow man, as you showed to me when Jesus took on my sins on that Friday long ago.  Reveal to us what you want us to know and believe.  Amen.


So How do you forgive?


And what if that someone is your spouse? How can your marriage survive and eventually thrive again following a breach of the likes of abuse or an extramarital affair? The ability to move on and forgive under these circumstances is one of the greatest challenges even the most humble and willing among us will ever face. But it is always possible to forgive no matter how great the pain or wide the resulting rift may be. And by doing so, you can build not only a stronger and more intimate marital bond than ever before, but greater awareness and fulfillment as individuals as well.


The old cliché notwithstanding, forgiveness actually has nothing to do with forgetting. Think about something quite painful that you’ve experienced at someone else’s hands. Have you forgiven that person? — Hopefully so, for both of your sakes. Yet have you forgotten what happened? — Likely not, especially if the wound was deep. True, forgiveness springs from a conscious shift in perspective, rather than amnesia; it is based on the choice to focus on what makes that person and the relationship so valuable, rather than just the offense. If your marriage has been moderately satisfying and healthy, there is a wealth of positives to help temper your hurt and angry feelings. Invest the effort to consider the ‘big picture’ and forgiveness will be a much easier choice.


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