Anger is always an indicator that someone has sinned.

One cause of our anger can be when someone sins against us. We ought to feel anger when someone sins against us. Not feeling anger is not a sign of health or godliness. It is a sign of emotional paralysis. God commands us to get angry (Ephesians 4:26) at the same things that make Him angry — sin. When people sin against us we should feel anger at that sin just as God does.

The other reason we might feel angry at someone is when they are not cooperating with our agenda. We want them to do something for us, but they do not want to do it. They are not living up to our expectations, our plans, our values, our time frame, etc. We want them to build their life around us, to put us first and they aren’t doing it! This makes us angry. My emphasis here is that when we impose our own agenda on someone we are acting like God and thereby sinning against that person. In this case our anger is not pointing to their sin, rather it is pointing to our own sin.


Anger always is an indication that someone is sinning, either the other person or you or perhaps both of you.


Whenever you feel anger you need to pray and find out who is sinning so you can practice the correct path(s) of forgiveness.


“Be angry, but do not sin. Do not let the sun go down on your anger and do not give the devil an opportunity!” Ephesians 4:26



God created the physical body with needs. And God has always intended to meet those needs. For example He made the body to need water and He created a planet with fresh water. He made the body to need food and He created a planet to provide us with food.


God created the human soul with needs too. Three of the most important soul-needs are:

– the need to FEEL loved

– the need to FEEL significant

– the need to FEEL God’s justice against sin


The reason why real forgiveness is not possible without the Cross of Jesus Christ is because there is no justice when sins are minimized, excused, tolerated, explained, accepted, etc. God is just. The penalty for every sin must be paid for. Jesus paid the penalty for our sins so God could be just and forgiving. God’s forgiveness is based upon the justice He accomplished at the Cross of Christ.


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