Beginning with Matthew chapter 5 we have recorded for us Jesus’ first sermon and also His longest sermon. He came to earth to save lost sinners who would place their faith in Him as the promised Messiah.

For hundreds of years the voice of God had been silent. What they heard from the Pharisee priests and teachers was the voice of the law and its letter of perfection. However, it had no saving, changing power to offer Yet, Jesus spoke to them with a fresh word from His heavenly Father and there was a hunger among the crowds. They were desiring a WORD FROM GOD that would bring about a difference in their lives, something with power and anointing. That is exactly what Jesus spoke to them. He spoke with great power and authority.

As you begin to study this Sermon on the Mount, and take note to the greatest sermon and the greatest preacher, you must first realize something very important. It is possible to sit at the feet of the greatest speaker, the most anointed speaker, and hear every word that was spoken, and still walk away from it totally unchanged. That is one way the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST differs from the Law of Moses, Jesus will not force His commandments upon you. It has to be the individual’s personal choice to accept them. The words of Jesus has to be received with meekness and His words have to be able to take root inside of your hearts and then in ample time and season, His fruits will come forth from those roots. His loving, gentle, compassionate and Holy Spirit will flow through you and will become a light for others to follow. However the choice is yours.

The voice of Jesus is still being spoken unto us today. Every Sunday morning in churches throughout the world, anointed minister’s stand before their congregations and through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, Jesus speaks through them as He did to those in our scripture text. Man steps behind the cross and Jesus is before them working through His servants. What can you do to make sure that you hear His voice today? For you know that every time you come to listen to the voice of God, Satan also comes along to distract you and to get your minds upon anything other than Christ


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