Tomorrow we begin the study on Unglued. I hope you add comments and ideas. This isn’t about me teaching – it is about me facilitating thoughts and ideas of everyone.
I have been unglued most of my life. Even just yesterday, I was unglued. I was trying to entertain my grandson and son. It ended up being a great day, but I was totally high strung.
So that is why we call it Imperfect Progress. We can only view and see ourselves moving forward. Not perfectly forward, but progress toward focusing on God first and serving him.
Look forward to seeing you all.
Here is a speech I recently gave:
I was asked to speak today about motherhood and times of being unglued.
I only have ten minutes, but I do have stories and stories to tell. I have failed and I have lost in this life. I have sinned and I have overcome sin. I struggle with my weaknesses each day.
I struggled to have children – felt the pain of not having them, but then struggled to make it through the first year with two sick premature boys. Then as they grew through years the struggle to see my purpose. My life after divorce and in their lives only part time. Struggle with sin and struggle with self. Becoming a step-parent. Struggles of those dynamics.
I now see my grandchildren and struggles my daughter has with trying to raise two children as a single parent. We are having them in our household and trying to be a role models. Wow what a challenge.
God has put me in many situations for a purpose.
One mother from my church, struggled to find her role in the church, and I said the biggest role you have is as a mother and showing your faith. She deals with two boys, one special needs and the other a young teenager. You’ll have plenty of time to serve in other roles after they are raised. The one with special needs may be with her always. Serve in small ways if you can. Know your gifts and talents and work when you can. Don’t try to do too much. Serve God by raising your children and finding time to be with God daily. She struggles with guilt – worrying she isn’t doing enough. Please remember God’s grace.
The pressures on mothers have never been greater. Seventy-five percent of us are employed or looking for work, and the percentage is higher for mothers with children age twelve and older. This means most of us are trying to do a good job at work, be a first-class mom, keep a house clean, cook, shop, run errands, maybe do some gardening, and, if we’re married, be an excellent wife. When someone gets sick, we’re the nurse. When someone needs a ride, we’re the chauffeur. When someone needs just about anything, we’re it. We’re the fixers, the lovers, the counselors, the bill payers. Let’s face it, there aren’t enough of us to go around. I don’t know how many times I’ve driven to work in the morning with tears running down my face, feeling like a failure at everything. I thank God that he gives us new days – each day is a clean slate and we can use it to serve him or serve ourselves
Scriptural response
Colossians 2:8: See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.
The day I decided to serve him first, things began to change for me. I wasn’t overwhelmed or feeling unloved or abused. I took charge of my life and fit God back into my daily walk. It wasn’t doing things, but it was spending time with God. It is all about relationships. We cannot reject or put God on the back burner. He wants all of us. He will guide us. I find things in my life that fit him in, reading, blogging and I did a 30 minute radio Show on Sunday nights. All these things bring me closer to him.
Recently put together a retreat and was feeling a little overwhelmed by the project. I was feeling like cancelling the retreat because I only had 9 ladies. Then in the end, it was very successful and a great experience for all. Start small and work up to bigger things. This journey isn’t over for me and you all have a long road ahead. Everything you do in serving can be used to create a career or a niche for your future life. Take everything in, volunteer where you can, but choose well.
Last word – we all struggle with what the world says we should be or do. Try not to live by the world view. Live by God’s view. Women are worth so much to God. He loves you and wants you to be your best. Be faithful to God’s truth.
Like Lysa’s book – “Unglued,” we have to work in imperfect progress… not forcing ourselves to look perfect when we know inside we are not. Being naked before God, he sees everything. We cannot clothed ourselves to cover up our faults.
Love God because he loved you first… Spend daily time with him. Meditate on his word, pray his word.
Praying God’s word is something new for me too. Taking the scripture and asking God for discernment in his word, praying the words and being still to take in his truth. Meditating in faith to him. Relationship with him daily. You may find yourself, forcing yourself at first. I took a meditation class. We worked up to 25 minutes of meditating. For many that was a real struggle. We slowly work up to that time and then found 25 minutes flew by.
1. Remember who I am.
2. Seek God’s Guidance
3. Allow God to fight the battle.
4. Have an attitude of gratitude.

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