Goals – you can set them so high – you’ll never obtain them or you can set them realistically so you can meet them and move on to the next goal. I am one that normally sets goals so high – I feel overwhelmed and never complete the task or goal.
I remember one time – my daughter had moved out and we wanted to clean up her room. It was a real mess. So I looked in the room and was over whelmed. My husband said, take one small task and check it off your list. I eventually cleaned up the room, but in small chunks.
Our goal is what we hope to accomplish stated in a way that is achievable and measurable.
Example in the book:
I would like it to be normal that…
I choose not to raise my voice when I am upset.
I graciously acknowledge what I’m feeling rather any stuffing my emotions.
I make it through a day without regretting how I treated someone.
So now you think about what your new normal would be or what you would like it to be.
I would like it to be normal that…..
Spend the day thinking about that and if you would like to share please do. Have a blessed day… We’ll talk more tomorrow about the starting point.

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