Game Over

Game over.

After Paul and Barnabas tell their story, James stepped up to agree with Peter and actually offered a sort of compromise: They would not demand circumcision (which was basically a joke) but require that the Gentiles follow certain Mosaic principles

Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood. For the Law of Moses has been preached in every city from the earliest times and is read in the synagogues on every Sabbath. (15:20)

James’ idea was agreed to, and the letter was drafted and delivered to Antioch by a delegation appointed for that purpose (15:22-35). The believers in Antioch received the delegation and the letter they bore with obvious relief, and the matter was settled… sort of.  As I noted before, circumcision would keep coming up as time passed, and those Mosaic principles would only last for a time.

Paul and Barnabas remained in Antioch, working to build the church there and strengthening the body of believers, but as we will see next time, nothing stays the same for long.




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