Unglued to Imperfect Progress

Tonight we have our final night of class. I pray for everyone to fine peace and allow themselves to have imperfect progress.

Praying God’s word and meditating on his word. It is a perfect way to calm our raw emotions and get into the truth of God’s word.

Review of the Sessions:

1. We can declare we are on God’s side

2. We can trust that God is chiseling us because he sees us as a masterpiece, Let God Chisel.

3. We uncover 4 different reactions and set a new goal Soul Integrity – honesty that’s godly.

4. We develop a procedure manual for our reactions

5. We can predetermine lingering words – good things to think about instead of negative inside chatter.

6. Change won’t be easy, but it is possible.

God longs for us to know real victory over all those unglued moments not settling for a life that doesn’t quite overcome the issues.

God loves you eternally and He’s thrown away the key. He will never unlock you from His eternal love.


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