God’s Perfect Gift

God’s Perfect Gift
Psalm 130;7
Put your hope in the Lord, for with the Lord is unfailing love and with him is full redemption.
Every year it’s the same: we rush around getting ready, preparing for one day when all our hopes and dream will be realized. What did you wish for this year, dear friends? What special gift were you hoping to find under the treat? Was it there?
Once the gifts are unwrapped and the family has dispersed, many people feel disillusioned and depressed. Even when they’ve receive what they thought they wanted, the good feeling rarely lingers. No earthly gift can really change your life — only God’s gift can do that.
The Christ Child’s Birth
In our Christmas celebration of merriment and mirth, Let us not forget the miracle of the holy Christ child’s birth. For in our festivities it is easy to lose sight Of the baby in the manger and that holy, silent night. Helen Steiner Rice
Christmas truly is a day to be celebrated – a day when we should brea in song lie the angel who announced Christ’s birth – a day when we should feel joyful and excited – a day we should prepare for with great enthusiasm. But it should not be in anticipation of what we have yet to receive. Rathe it should be in appreciation for what we have already been given – God’s perfect gift, a Redeemer who name is Jesus Christ.

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