About Simple Faith

Don and Cathy Merritt

Don and Cathy Merritt

I am happy to introduce myself as Cathy Jo Merritt, I am a disciple of Christ. I produce a 30 minute radio program, this program is a Christian radio program called “Simple Faith” on WURA 920 AM at 8 PM Central Time.

I also have this blog called “Simple Faith.”  On this Blog you will find my Radio Program Transcripts, My Book Reviews and Other Christian Articles.


One thought on “About Simple Faith

  1. Cathy!

    I really like the content that you have on this website! I’d love to have you check out the Contributor’s Page on our site, MusclesforChrist.org. To learn a little more about who we are, check out our About Us page.

    If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please reach out to me. Contributing to our site can also help spread your message and improve google rankings for your blog by providing a back link!

    Look forward to hearing back!


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